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Life is all about relationships, and sometimes we come to places where we can’t see how to be who we are, and still stay connected to those we love. A relationship may be with your self and your desire to live fully and thrive and it may also be with a parent, a child, a partner, a friend or colleague. Therapy is a safe space to be seen and heard, to gain perspective and to learn new ways of being. 


I work with individuals from young adults to elders, as well as couples of all orientations who might be feeling or experiencing:


  • Stressed , Anxious, Overwhelmed, 

  • Depressed, Hopeless, Angry

  • Traumas, big and small.

  • A sense of longing or lack, a feeling of disconnection from self and others

  • Difficulty communicating with a loved one

  • I also do premarital counseling and

  • therapy for couples and individuals with questions and issues around sex and sexuality

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