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Billing and Fees for Therapy

INSURANCE:  Depending on your policy and insurer you may be eligible for reimbursement for some or all of my fee.  I am considered out of network with all insurance carriers.  What this means is that you will pay for your appointment at the time of service and that per your request you will be furnished with a superbill through your Simple Practice portal. The superbill can then be submitted directly to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  

Couples Therapy and Reimbursement: The amount of insurance coverage for couples counseling varies greatly.  It is best to check directly with your insurance company.  To check your coverage you would ask if they cover couples counseling, procedure code 90847 with diagnosis Z63.0 (Problems in relationship with spouse or partner).  If you are told that the procedure needs to be medically necessary, they will not cover Z code diagnosis.  

In order to file for insurance you must have a diagnosis. This diagnosis becomes part of your permanent record. Please feel free to discuss this with me - I want to support you in making a choice that feels right for you. 

My current fees are $160 for a 55-minute individual or couple session and $240 for an 80-minute couple session. 

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